RJ&J Industries Corp.

Our Mission Statement

                           We the employees...

Promise unconditional Customer Satisfaction.
We make it our mission to give our Customers the best, safest, quality work possible,
while keeping the cost to our customers reasonable.

We as PlumberTime Employees promise to work together as a team.
We will keep PlumberTime a Drug-free workplace, always striving to better ourselves
in our profession as well as our personal life journey, growth, and how we treat others.
We at "PlumberTime" promise to respect & value each other without discrimination.

We promise to always contribute in a positive way to help each of our Customers while
 making our Company the best and most desired place of employment.

We Pledge to lead the Industry being a most Professional Plumbing Company.
 We will uphold a professional image in our dress attire, our behavior, as well as our communication.
We will continuously strive to hire, train, and develop only the Best Employees.

Our Goal is...
To Continue our growth in the business industry, while still maintaining our reputation
of being a personalized "Mom and Pop" type Customer oriented Company...
To be a leader in the Service Industry offering the highest of quality workmanship
and place of employment, while being and active contributor to our Community.
"PlumberTime" Plumbing Company... Makes the difference.

Because We Care... We Serve.





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